My Fears


 The cycle is entitled 'My Fears'.

I have always been fascinated by the microcosm, which we do not see with the naked eye, such a small world. This world will often fascinate us with colour, texture and structure; often it takes on unique abstract forms. Already in my earlier artistic works I used images from this mini world. My Diploma, which I obtained from the Graphic Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk with Professor Zbigniew Gorlak was entitled 'Kaleidoscopic Pictures'. The kaleidoscope was one of my favorite toys in childhood, maybe it was not a real microcosm, but for me it was a microworld in a tube.

My works entitled 'My fears' are abstract images based on photos of eye cancer under the microscope. What is disgusting, obnoxious, arouses huge fear and shock in us, under the microscope it seems to be an interesting abstraction.

In 2014, I was diagnesed myself with eye melanoma. Like other experiences, accumulation of fate, etc., this fact certainly had a huge impact on my previous life. I often feel that I am carrying a huge destructive force, like a bomb that I do not know when and whether it will explode at all, but under the microscope it does not seem so terrible and destructive; it appears as a colorful abstraction.



,My Fears in Blue'

Acrylic and tampera on canvas pad

,My Fears in Green'

Acrylic and tampera on canvas pad

artist        Anna Kozlowska 

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