Colouring My World 

I am colouring my world. 


With colours I decorate the gray, gloomy blackness of life.

I use the warmth of yellow, energy of red, nature of green; I cover the melancholy gray with the optimism of orange colours and soothing, balmy blue. I colour the gray of life in the colours of joy, happiness and love.

I use colours, colours that exists and that tint the gray of life.

The gray is imperceptible, it does not dominate, it disappears in colours.



Scan 001

(I only used fragments from my old paintings.


MRI scan sounds 

Mozart-Metallica -Symphony No.40-Enter Sandman:Mozart Heroes)




Mixed media on paper 

'Frianna feeding the squirrels'


Mixed media on paper 


Tempera on paper 

'The Sun always rises'

Mixed media on paper

artist        Anna Kozlowska 

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